Seaside K-12

Seaside School District | Seaside, Oregon

After many years, Seaside School District successfully passed a $99.7 million bond to replace facilities that have exceeded their useful lifespan and are at risk in a seismic event. Currently, three of the District’s four schools are within the tsunami zone; the new campus will consolidate the entire K-12 school population to the existing Seaside Heights Elementary property and adjacent land above, donated by Weyerhaeuser. The site presents both design challenges and educational opportunities. It encompasses 400 feet of grade change, ancient landslides, wetlands, a protected salmon habitat, and is adjacent to forest land on three sides.

Elementary School
Seaside Heights Elementary School capacity will be doubled to accommodate the combined population of the district’s two existing elementary schools. Additional student capacity will be accommodated through a remodel of existing building areas and construction of a new classroom building. A new separate gymnasium building and covered play will be constructed. The existing building is receiving code, building systems, security, and seismic upgrades.

Middle School/High School
A new Middle School/High School building will bring Grades 6-12 of the remaining student population of Seaside School District together. The building footprint responds to the site contours and nestles into the hillside. The Athletic Fields are located on a terraced area below the building and located to take advantage of the natural contours of the site.

The building is designed to allow MS and HS student populations to retain their unique identity yet benefit from the opportunity to share common program areas that will enrich educational opportunities. Each school has a separate wing for classrooms and athletics, and shares Music, Dining, Library and Administration. Flex spaces are scattered throughout the school to encourage collaborative learning.

The exterior architecture of the building reinforces the separate identities of the Middle School and High School. The main central volume maximizes glazing to capture views of the ocean and community of Seaside below. The unique solution for an interim Performance Space, achieved by opening up the middle school and high school dining space to each other and into the central corridor, is an example of the flexibility and multi-use nature of the design. Finally, in keeping with the goals of the community of providing a safe haven for students, the building incorporates numerous resiliency features to allow it to serve as an emergency shelter in case of a major earthquake or other natural disaster.

Estimated Completion Date December 2020
Size 140,000 S.F. Middle & High School
62,000 S.F. Elementary School Updates
31,500 S.F. Elementary School Addition

Key Personnel

Dan Hess
Nancy Rad
Christie Sterne
Thea Wayburn