Our collaborative relationships with our clients allow us to deliver thoughtfully designed learning environments that genuinely reflect our community partners.

Our Values


We listen to our partners with compassion, curiosity, and a sense of humor, reflecting their core values in our work.


Diverse perspectives and communities are integral to our mission and work.


As a socially responsible firm, we believe in fairness, trust, and ethical practices.


We continuously seek new knowledge and insight because we believe in lifelong learning.


Our designs are inspired by the groups and localities that we serve. We create spaces to strengthen communities.

Values at BRIC


Our team is united and inspired by the belief that our work meaningfully impacts the lives of our community partners. As a collective of experienced and passionate professionals, we continue to inform the nature of BRIC through our enthusiasm for the rewarding work we create and our support for one another.

The people of BRIC Architecture


BRIC believes addressing energy conservation and sustainability is an opportunity to implement design solutions that both increase energy efficiency and reduce the pressures on operational and long-term costs. More importantly, providing delivering an energy efficient building is simply the right thing to do both for our clients and the environment.

Our approach considers efficiency and sustainability from three main points of view: practical cost and resource savings for our clients, the health and wellness of users and the school environment, and the integration of educational curriculum opportunities.

We partner with clients to create sustainable educational environments that support learners and educators, promote resiliency, operate efficiently, and reflect sound stewardship of public funding.

Tools at the BRIC office


While no two are exactly alike, each facility promotes the transformative nature of education and equips students with the tools they need to thrive as lifelong learners. Our portfolio emphasizes our commitment to working closely with students, educators, and community members - we design learning environments tailored to their values.

A work example from BRIC


Our firm is made of passionate professionals who thrive in community. While that characteristic undoubtedly translates into how we engage with districts and their communities, it also reflects the nature of our relationships with each other. Together, we celebrate opportunities to explore and grow. We know that we wouldn't be the firm we are today without the amazing team that has put so much of themselves into shaping BRIC.

BRIC teamed up with GirlsBuild to host workshops


We are excited to continue to grow and support a team that's as invested in their work as they are in the people around them - both in the office and in the community. From diverse strengths to different professional goals, we welcome those who share our desire to empower learners through collaborative design.

Careers at BRIC
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