Community-based design starts with meaningful stakeholder engagement. We understand that critical issues are unique and nuanced within each community. As we find a common voice, we solve complex problems elegantly and develop a strategy to further explore ideas throughout the design process.

Facilitation taking place at BRIC

We Listen

Educational Visioning

As facilitators, we leverage our understanding of contemporary education and design trends to help school districts develop their own strategic visioning processes. Our team considers national and international research in relation to local objectives as we guide district staff through the reimagination of teaching, learning, and school climate in their community.

Design Thinking Workshops

Our approach to design thinking workshops begins with a five-step framework: build empathy, identify problems, conceive ideas, develop prototypes, and administer tests. We leverage this proven approach against a district’s specific concerns to create a complete process tailored to their objectives. Each subsequent conversation and community engagement opportunity ultimately reflects the district’s goals and helps stakeholders reach the most holistic and humane solutions.

Student-Centered Engagement

Our approach to school design is rooted in student engagement. We strive to champion an authentic process that empowers learners and celebrates their participation throughout the design process. Through diverse activities and inclusive conversations, we develop opportunities for students to collaborate directly with designers in alignment with their district’s master vision.

Non-Building Related Problem Solving

From facilitating discussions around curriculum and boundary adjustments, to helping districts navigate Oregon’s Student Success Act, we capitalize on the versatility of our design skills in a variety of non-building related scenarios. Through inclusive, creative collaborations, we structure conversations and develop activities that engage the community and help districts develop consensus among their stakeholders.

BRIC office in Portland, OR

Listening is one of the most important elements of our process – we can’t wait to hear from you!