We are collaborators engaged in mindful dialogue and thoughtful design that emerges from our client relationships. Our team-oriented workplace promotes shared knowledge and open communication that directly influences our design work. As we focus on educational design, we emphasize relationship-building, transparency, engagement, and respect for all participants.

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Architecture & Interior Design

From architecture to interior design, we believe design is a fundamentally collaborative process through which communities have the unique opportunity to explore their values, goals, and dreams as they prepare to create stellar environments that support their students’ aspirations. Throughout the school design process, we encourage districts to consider solutions outside their comfort zone, embrace trends supported by contemporary research, and ultimately ground each decision in diverse community feedback. We believe every project – regardless of scope or budget – has the potential to generate impactful, resilient spaces through holistic solutions that are felt as much as they’re seen.

Project Management Approach

Collaboration is just as integral to our project management approach as it is to our design process. Whether we’re managing a single project in a district or several, we work alongside clients, contractors, and consultants to prioritize clear communication and detailed coordination. As design team members follow the project from one phase to the next, they pair a solution-oriented mindset with experience-based technical coordination skills to ensure continuity throughout the project. As we all work towards delivering successful learning environment, we implement strategies that allow us to consistently meet milestone schedules for programming, schematic design, design development, and construction document deliverables.


Even as we shape the built environment, we believe that the stewardship of the natural environment – both locally and globally – is one of our inherent responsibilities as designers. Beyond championing durability and efficiency as a means of achieving financial value in daily operations, we strive to promote resiliency and responsible resource use through sustainable design. The resulting solutions – tailored to respond to a district’s specific needs – have the capacity to support educational opportunities around wellness, resource conservation, renewable power, waste streams, life-cycle costs, and energy. We believe that our emphasis on a culture of sustainability will positively impact individuals and ultimately, the vibrant communities they belong to.

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