We understand that each client has unique needs stemming from community demographics, local identity, and other unique needs in each district. We support the dynamic nature of teaching and learning, which is ultimately driven by the desired goals of each district. We invite a comprehensive dialogue around learning, technology, and sustainability in order to provide a customized approach to planning and design strategies.

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Facility Assessments

We recognize that insightful facility assessments are an important first step in ensuring a district’s learning spaces support their educational vision. Our growing team of ODE-certified assessors have developed an approach to facility assessments that captures more than the state-required form. Along with our team of key consulting engineers, our architects deliver comprehensive assessments that identify areas of deficiency and potential capital improvements through a lens of educational adequacy.

Capacity Assessments

We begin capacity assessments by taking steps to understand how a district currently uses their spaces. As we learn more about a district, their goals, and the current nature of their learning environments, our team develops creative solutions to effectively address a school’s capacity issues.

Long Range Facility Plan

As districts explore potential improvements to the educational facilities across their community, our team works alongside stakeholders to prioritize projects in a 10-20-year plan. Based on our understanding of a district’s educational objectives, we strive to create long range facilities plans that support their educational and community goals.

Pre-Bond Planning

We recognize that a bond won’t succeed without community support; that’s why we strive to understand the values that are closest to a district’s community in relation to their facility needs. As district leaders develop a capital improvement plan based on their LRFP, our team of advisors help facilitate informed discussions and engaging activities with the community to build consensus on the best course of action.

Master Planning

Whether a district is pursuing a single bond or considering multiple, we work with stakeholders to develop comprehensive master plans that reveal the best course of action to align a district’s goals with potential capital improvement projects. We help stakeholders identify strategic solutions through prioritizing the projects identified in the Long Range Facilities Plan and developing project phasing to maximize the district’s financial resources.

Educational Specifications

We work alongside district staff to create comprehensive technical documents that encompass a district’s educational vision, area program, and physical make-up of specific building elements. Together, we help districts identify why these components are important in relation to their vision.

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