National University of Natural Medicine

NUNM Library Renovations

National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) is North America’s leading naturopathic medical university. Located in Portland, Oregon, the university’s comprehensive campus features a Quiet Room in their library designated for multiple modes of inobtrusive study. Unfortunately, disorganized zones, over-abundant bookshelves, and outdated furnishings prevented students from fully appreciating the space.

Completion Date
Fall 2019
Portland, OR
Square Footage
2,450 SF
  • Dan Hess
  • Thea Wayburn

Our design team collaborated with NUNM students and staff to modernize the space, developing cost effective design solutions to optimize its available space and update its finishes.

The final design reflects clearly defined zones for individual and group study, while a combination of hard and soft seating supports each learner’s needs.

The removal of unnecessary bookshelves create a sense of welcoming openness throughout the space. Similarly, strategic lighting and paint selections make the space feel lighter and brighter – all without adding windows.

As the design team developed a cohesive look across the Quiet Room’s multiple zones, one of the key solutions was adhering panels that matched the new study carrels to the ends of the existing bookshelves. In addition to tying the new furniture to the existing items, this solution allowed NUNM to forgo purchasing new bookshelves, ultimately maximizing the impact of the project’s budget.

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