Reynolds School District

Reynolds High School Renovation & Addition

Reynolds High School is the second-largest high school in Oregon, serving a culturally diverse student body of over 2,700 students from several Portland communities. In order to create a more cohesive, functional campus, BRIC partnered with Reynolds School District to design a significant renovation and addition. The project scope included increasing the school’s capacity to 3,000 students, improving the connectivity between existing campus buildings, and providing instructional spaces to support next generation learning approaches.

Completion Date
Fall 2018
Troutdale, OR
Square Footage
94,000 SF - Remodel | 50,000 SF - Addition
  • David Johnson
  • Thea Wayburn
  • Brett Lundmark
  • Nancy Rad
  • Robert Allen
  • Dan Hess

After opening in 1978, Reynolds High School underwent several expansions over the last 40 years. Three notable additions include the construction of separate career technical education (CTE), arts, and PE buildings on the original campus.

Through strategic new construction, the design team achieved the District’s safety and security goals by efficiently connecting all campus buildings – aside from the auditorium. The addition was comprised of 18 general classrooms, science labs, and life skills rooms, as well as a new counseling suite with a highly visible career center. While the addition successful linked the peripheral campus buildings to the main school, it also established valuable connections between the CTE programs and core academic areas.

In the main academic building, the renovation emphasized improving user experience. Through an expansion of the commons area, students gained more space to dine and socialize comfortably. Similarly, the remodeled main entrance ensured students and community members experience an equal sense of security and approachability.

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