Oregon City School District

Tumwata Middle School Renovation

The Tumwata Middle School project is a major renovation of the existing middle school supporting a student population of 1,000. The school will remain operational while the renovation takes place. Once the new Tumwata Middle School is constructed, as part of Oregon City School District’s Long Range Planning Phase III, it will revert to an elementary school supporting a long-term capacity of 600 students. The Renovation will be designed to reflect the new project-based, student-centered curriculum being developed by Oregon City School District. The estimated completion date in the Fall of 2022.

Completion Date
Fall 2021
Oregon City, OR
Square Footage
86,400 SF
  • Tonie Esteban
  • David Johnson
  • Dallas Gray
  • Jessica Molinar
  • Nancy Rad
  • Timothy Ruppel
  • William Hallgren
BRIC office in Portland, OR

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