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Celebrating Staff Promotions

| Amy Friendy

Celebrating Staff Promotions

We’ve always believed that the people at BRIC are what make our firm so special. The compassion and curiosity that characterizes our work is a direct result of the people who shape our projects and our process. Through personal commitments and distinct contributions, each individual on our team continues to enrich our firm’s culture and our presence in the community.

To celebrate their dedication and their accomplishments, we developed two very important programs – BRIC Associates and Senior Associates – to recognize our exceptional staff members every year. Associates at BRIC embody three key attributes:

-They’ve demonstrated a commitment to the firm.

-They’ve invested themselves in our project type – community-focused, educational architecture.

-They’ve become a resource to the office, someone others seek out to collaborate with.

As these individuals continue to grow and explore new leadership opportunities, they have the potential to advance to Senior Associates. From exceptionally demonstrating high technical performance levels and inspirational leadership skills, to forging strategic partnerships and exemplifying BRIC’s mission through invaluable community relationships, our Senior Associates play an integral role in the evolution of our practice.

This year, we gathered – on Zoom, of course – to recognize the strengths and accomplishments of our new Associates and Senior Associates. Unsurprisingly, our Leadership Team had a lot to say about the incoming Associates and Senior Associates, so the following statements have been edited for brevity.

Please join us in celebrating their success!


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